Near The Fire

Let it burn.


In Truth and Justice, out of falsehood and wickedness.

When You're Alone

You ask yourself...


They are everywhere.

In The Same Boat

Or in the Other?


From falsehood to Truth.

Two Worlds Collide

Rival nations.

Desire Of Wisdom

We're just humans.

Desire Of The World

Part of the whole.


The World Is Dead (2008), Further, zoe.bth (difference suggests motion), What is Maturity? (2009, 10), Ascensus (2010), Crazy (amar.elo), nalua44, Golden State of Mind (2011), Live the Search (2012), The Reason (2013, 14), The Home Within (2014), The Circle (2014, 15), Back to the Silent Lagoon, 4444 Days, St Mary's Station, Let's Be Friends, Bon Voyage, In My Heart, Good News, Evidence, Rebellion, Land of Ninguém (2015), Cinematographic Me (2015, 16), Judy & Johnny, Yiddishe Mame, Sophia's Benediction, Bulletin Board, Treasured, Saints of Sophia (2016).

"Signore, mi guida per il sentiere della giustizia, per amore di Suo Nome."